Who We Are / What We Do

We bring together professionals to network, learn from each other, refer business to each other, expand our sphere of influence, do good in the community and socialize (have fun!).

Besides our weekly lunch meetings, we meet one-on-one or as a troika to determine how best to work together for our common goals.

We welcome you to check us out and attend the next lunch.

For other ways to get connected, check us out on MeetUp and follow us on Facebook  


We have no stringent rules, no parent organization dictating its mandates, and no significant dues (except for a nominal amount to defray our costs). We simply use common sense as professional adults.

We allow more than one person per profession, for referral opportunities in non-overlapping areas, to give members options for the client’s best personality / style fit, and to allow learning from each other within our professions, and collaborating on projects.

We also volunteer for worthy projects, such as Manna, Senior Concerns, and Adopt a Grandparent.

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